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Credit cards and Bank cards promotion
With over 500 dynamic and professionally trained representatives, DMS specializes in Retail and Bank’s Credit cards promotions, including Visa™ and Mastercard™, with emphasis on quality control.

  • Private label Credit cards (e.g., Pharmaprix, HBC, etc.)
  • Bank’s Credit cards (e.g., Royal Bank, CIBC, etc.)
  • Long distance carriers (e.g., Sprint Canada, Sun Telecom, etc.)
Our strategies not only focus on the direct approach (“Mall Intercepts”), but also focus on Trade shows’ kiosks and booths at Special events.

Professional reporting, analysis, and quality control of applicants are staples of our commitment to best serve our clients. We are always seeking our client’s ultimate satisfaction by personalizing our approach to suit every need or promotion to maximize results.

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A top priority, our team members are trained at our offices by professionals who guide each representative with proper grooming, courteous approach to the customer, all the advantages of the promotional product. Our representatives are trained for 35 hours on the product and simulated “on-site” situations to perfect their methodology, ensuring top-level performance.

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Our representatives follow a strict professional dress code (navy blue suit, white shirt and tie). A scarf is provided for our female team members.

Identification badges are always visible on all our representatives. It includes picture, name and the representative’s code.

Presentation booths are always kept clean and accessible, with promotional materials in plain sight.

Every booth location is chosen strategically to maximize visibility, access and approachability.

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Our Motivation activities include non-aggressive, yet competitive incentive programs, employee rewards for work quality, base salary plus commission remuneration, complete evaluations and spot-checks, and weekly team meetings to reinforce positive stimulation by proactively engaging the team members.

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Protocol & Ethics

All representatives sign an ethical code specifying all the aspects of behavior and information privacy and disclosure. To check and enforce these guidelines, we send “mystery shoppers” on a weekly basis to report to our management. The on-going quality control reports ensure the professionalism and performance of each representative.

Confidentiality is a key element of our services. Our supervisors collect all the applications daily from every kiosk and event, and they are deposited directly to our offices. Our representatives do not, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, keep any application overnight. For rural areas, all applications are sent daily to the supervisors by Federal Express.

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Verification – Quality control

Direct Market Solutions systematically validates every application/contact before submitting it to our client. We guarantee our quality control efficiency as being the best in the business

Our supervisors direct our team members at each promotional site and assume entire responsibility for the excellence of the service provided.

Our verification department verifies that all the required information is provided, and confirms that all approval criteria are met. Our Confirmation Call Service (CSS) has a bilingual staff that confirms by telephone EVERY application and information with the following objectives:

  • Thanking the customer for their application.
  • Reinforcing the representative’s explanations of advantages of the product.
  • Answering any remaining questions from the customer about the product.
  • Correcting any spelling errors.
  • Eliminating complaints or miscomprehensions.
  • Increasing the number of activating customers.
  • Removing any invalid applications.
  • Pointing out any weakness in the service provided by the representative.

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